Assistance and monitoring of field employees

We help to track the work and performance of field workers with smart glasses connected to a smartphone running the Inpres mobile app

Key features

Inpres provide you comlex service for assistance and controlling field employees

Remote expert

Connects global workforce and enables field employees to get assistance from an expert remotely.

Time tracking

Track employees working time and get the insights you need. Find and fix money leaks.

Location tracking

Automated work tracking based on custom locations and employees routes with help of Inpres app.

Online timesheet

Track active and idle time per field employee and get rid of bottlenecks in your workflow.

Client service control

Automatic AI client emotion recognition with Inpres smart glasses and mobile app.

Tags tracking

Hands free automatic QR code tags scanning with help of Inpres smart glasses.

How Inpres works

Register and install app

Please create your company account with 14-days free trial and install Android app for field workers for free

  • Step 1.

Buy smart glasses

To assist and track field workers, they need to wear Inpres smart glasses connected to their smartphone

  • Step 2.

Increase efficiency

You can call your employees with FPV video or track their activity with help of Inpres analytics portal

  • Step 3.

List of industries

Inpres service will increase the employees efficience, find and fix money leaks in different areas










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