See who is working when and where with Inpres app

Track employees routes with FPV photos

Inpres Android app collects employees location in background and makes first person view photos. This data helps you to get insights:

  • Routes on map
  • Timestamp on each point
  • First person view screenshot from Inpres smart glass for each point

Get your employees heat map

We generates for you heat map of each employee. You can filter dates and employees, zoom the data on map or export it.

    Keep track of important notifications

    Inpres can track workers outdoor (based on GPS) and indoor (based on QR code tags) location. You can define the alerts you want to receive based on user location.

    • Outdoor location enter
    • Outdoor location exit
    • Both
    • Indoor location enter (QR code scanned)

    Inpres gives you

    Quick insights

    Better understand what types of jobs generate the most profit.

    Timesheet approvals

    Review time cards before sending payments for added accuracy.


    Integrates with the most different project management software.

    Online support

    Get answers and one-on-one technical help when you need it.

    Instantly improve productivity

    It’s simple psychology. When your team tracks time with Inpres, everyone is more aware of how they're spending each minute of their day. This improves focus and keeps your team on task.

    How long workers spend at each job

    Create a job site on the map and each team member will be automatically clocked in and out when they enter the area.

    When jobs go over-budget

    Alerts about no-shows and late employees. Or be notified when a project goes over the time you budgeted for.

    Monitor travel routes in real-time

    Know what routes employees are taking to the job site and how long they spend at each stop.

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