Accurate and automated timesheets

Reduce administrative tasks, understand costs better, and manage your workforce more easily with timesheet software from Inpres.

How location tracking solution works

Inpres online timesheets are automatically created based on Inpres app data.

Register and install app

Please create your company account with 14-days free trial and install Android app for field workers for free

  • Step 1.

Buy smart glasses

To assist and track field workers, they need to wear Inpres smart glasses connected to their smartphone

  • Step 2.

Use time tracking software to generate time reports

Managers can create time reports that will allow them to learn more about how employees spend their working time. You can then use this information to create better estimates, streamline your workflow, and get projects done on time.

  • Step 3.

Get automatic alerts

Inpres service generates differnt types of alerts based on employees events.

  • Workday start/finish
  • Call start/end
  • Location enter/exit

Try Inpres free for 14 days

No credit card required. You can cancel subscription anytime.

Track and improve employee KPIs

Inpres automatically measure different types of employees performance indicators. Service compares indicators between workers and give you insights how to improve the perforformance, find and fix money leaks. Indicators Inpres track:

  • Employees total work time
  • Workload share
  • Location heat map and routes
  • FPV screenshots with connection to location
  • Locations visited
  • Scaned tags (QR codes)
  • Time on video calls
  • Positive emotions of people met