Inpres smart glasses and mobile app enabling remote assistance to support your frontline workers with real-time feedback and information from a distant expert

How remote expert solution works

Remote expert is a software solution based on smart glasses connected to employees smartphone to share information between on-site operators and support departments. It effectively assists users executing difficult tasks and operation maintenance, having real-time data at hand, while keeping a close look at the remote situation.

Register and install app

Please create your company account with 14-days free trial and install Android app for field workers for free

  • Step 1.

Buy smart glasses

To assist and track field workers, they need to wear Inpres smart glasses connected to their smartphone

  • Step 2.

Assist your employee

You can call your employees with FPV video or track their activity with help of Inpres analytics portal

  • Step 3.

Transform your frontline workforce

With our market-leading industrial strength assisted reality solutions, deliver real-time access to information and expertise, anytime, anywhere

Hands free

Wearable smart glasses that do not interfere with work and help to do it more efficiently


Voice and video two sides with in real-time and adoptive quality

Highly compatible system Integration

Easily integrated in your system: CRM, ERP, CMMS, Salesforce

Encrypted data

We use Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) encryption for all transmitted data.

Cloud based or on-premises

The Inpres service can run in the cloud or in the company's infrastructure

Low traffic

Per-to-per connection with end-to-end encryption WebRTC

Benefits of remote assistance with smart glasses

Smart glasses enabling 'See-What-I-See' (SWIS) and remote assistance provide video-conferencing capabilities that allow everyone in the call to see what the smart glasses wearer is seeing, from his or her point of view. This introduces a totally new way of collaborating and solving problems.

  • Share knowledge and expertise in real-time to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently. Make training teams easy.
  • Reduce downtime or accelerate startup time of large capital equipment sites
  • Faster and cheaper intervention by eliminating travel time of expensive expert
  • Continue operations in difficult to reach areas (conflict zones, Covid-19 quarantine areas countries with long VISA procedures, etc.)

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