Inpres Smart glasses


Device can be connected to any android smartphone with USB Type-C connector. Can be wear on head, cap or helmet

  • 2mp Camera
  • USB-C connection
  • 70g weight
  • 120° camera angle
  • 1m cable
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with popular Android smartphones

Inpres mobile application

Android application for field workers. Please install it before start using Inpres service.

  • Secure
  • Work on background, employee can use other features of phone
  • Compatible with different smartphones
  • Android 10+
  • Low data traffic

Benefits of remote assistance with smart glasses

Smart glasses enabling 'See-What-I-See' (SWIS) and remote assistance provide video-conferencing capabilities that allow everyone in the call to see what the smart glasses wearer is seeing, from his or her point of view. This introduces a totally new way of collaborating and solving problems.

  • Share knowledge and expertise in real-time to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently. Make training teams easy.
  • Reduce downtime or accelerate startup time of large capital equipment sites
  • Faster and cheaper intervention by eliminating travel time of expensive expert
  • Continue operations in difficult to reach areas (conflict zones, Covid-19 quarantine areas countries with long VISA procedures, etc.)